New State of Michigan LARA requirements for Long Duration Scout Outings

  • Are you going on a Activity that will span over 96 hours over a 14 day period of time (Including Travel Time)?
  • Will you be camping (Staying) in Michigan?
  • Is your Unit running the activity?
  • Do you have youth under 18 years old participating?
  • If Yes, then you may need a Camp Program License from the State of Michigan’s License and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) group …
  • State of Michigan ”Camp Program” License required of Units for all activities that are 96 hours + in Duration
  • Applicable to all Youth Organizations – BSA, GSA, Etc …)
  • For any program ONLY IN MICHIGAN that is not run by BSA (or where the camp does not have a LARA License)
  • Units doing long term campouts, Isle Royale, NCT, Individual Unit Summer Camps, etc.
  • National High Adventure Bases, Camps in other States not applicable
  • Required if any participant is under 18 years old – If all participants are over 18, no License required.
  • Only Required if Activity is in the State of Michigan – Private Property, State Parks, National Parks, etc…
  • $100 License Fee per Activity (up to 100 participants)
  • Required for Activities that are 96+ hours over a 14 day period
  • Requirement has been in place since 2019 – Some MCC Units have been complying already
  • MCC just now learning of the requirement for individual units from State of Michigan
  • Adults participating are also required to have individual registry clearance (same as MCC Summer Camp, etc)
  • MCC Camps already have these License. Only Adult registry required. 
  • MCC is working with Programs like Mackinaw Island Honor Troop on requirements
  • If working with an “outfitter” or non MCC Camp you need to check to see if they have a LARA License that will cover your Program – ex. Michigan Tech Treks
  • This is all based on who is running the program / activity
  • Check the LARA website (Below) for any required trainings – Wilderness First Aid for example
  • MCC Unit survey in process to determine how many units are affected for 2023.
  • Suggested Deadline for 2023 submission – May 1
  • Consequence of non compliance TBD
  • Consult LARA Website – Under Camp Program Application


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