Chippewa District April 13 Roundtable-7PM

This year’s Roundtable will be held at the Packard Proving Grounds located at 49965 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Twp.

Below is an aerial photo showing where to park and which building, we have access to this month.  December going forward, we will have both the circled building and the large center building.

Time – 7pm-9pm. (Please note, as a courtesy, we have a hard end time of 9pm as the facility will have a volunteer closing the place up behind us). You can arrive as early as 6:30pm if you have things you need to set up.

April  Topics           Chief Pontiac Programs for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA

Please, park on the grass off to the side of the road past the trees. We will probably need to park double deep to accommodate all the vehicles as in-person Roundtable attendance starts to grow again.

As always, please forward the invite to your unit’s parents as this is open to everyone.

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