Friends of Scouting (FOS)

Friends of Scouting (FOS) GIVING THE DREAM Update:

Part of Scouting’s, and Chippewa District’s, great success has been our ability to adapt and respond to the changing needs of communities at every level. For the last couple of months, Scouting looks a lot different than what we’re used to. Now that summer camping is cancelled, our summer will also look a lot different. Our culture is one of perseverance, determination, adaptability, and an attitude of cheerful service to our community. Nothing can stop us. We’ve got this. We are Scouts. The changes that have taken place have also dramatically impacted our Friends of Scouting program, both at the Family and the Community levels. As with virtual meetings, merit badges, and even camping, FOS has gone virtual. If you belong to a unit and have not already made a pledge, please consider helping with the FOS Family campaign. If you already made a contribution and can help a little more, every little bit helps.

Please look at the attached video and share it with your extended family. Along with a soft ask, it does provide a great update on Scouting.  Video link:  

Donations can be made via Text: GIVINGTHEDREAM” TO 91999

Or by going to  

If you work for a company that provides community support for your volunteer hours, please consider scouting. For example, GM Dollars for Doers provides an individual award of $500 based on 50 hours and a team award based on 50 hours total from multiple people for $500. Considering all the people who work for GM that help in scouting, that could really help the Chippewa District if you submitted for the award. Think about all the time you spend working with scouting, including meetings, virtual sessions, travel, etc. and it doesn’t take too long to add up to the 50 hours. If you do submit for a company award, please let your District Executive know so the Chippewa District gets credit.

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