Buy This Patch to Support our Australian Scouts

Taking Orders at February roundtable ($4.00)

When disaster strikes, Scouts step up.

Scouts Australia is selling patches to benefit Scouts who lost their homes in the country’s devastating wildfires. Their goal: to make sure these Scouts can “remain connected to Scouting as they work through this traumatic period,” according to Scouts Australia’s official site.

Like the Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Australia is a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. There are more than 50 million Scouts across 171 countries, and these Aussie Scouts wear the purple World Crest just like we do.

The patches cost 5 Australian dollars each — about $3.44. The patches themselves were donated to Scouts Australia by Snowgum, an Australian outdoor clothing retailer, meaning 100% of the proceeds will benefit Scouts.

But heads up: Shipping patches 9,000 miles isn’t cheap. Postage to the U.S. will cost you a flat 40 Australian dollars ($27), whether you’re ordering one patch or 100. If you do plan to order the patch, Scouts Australia suggests combining orders with other packs, troops, ships or crews in your area.

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