Important Rechartering Updates

On-line rechartering began on October 1, 2019, however, there two important changes for the 2019 Rechartering process.

  1. National has determined to make a fee change for all participants beginning January 1, 2020.  Since the amount of the fee change will not be announced until late October, units will not be able to complete the on-line rechartering application process until after November 1.  They will be paused at the end of Step 3 – Check Roster with a message advising them to return after November 1 to complete the process.  You can see the message as the last page in the link below. 
  2. The second change has to do with a new Criminal Background check authorization form.  All registered adults will receive an email this coming week advising that an original of the new form must be completed, signed and submitted.  MCC plans to collect the forms with the Charter Renewal applications.  The Final Recharter checklist and other supporting documentation will be revised accordingly.  The form will also be posted on the Internet Rechartering home page when it is available.

Below is a link to guide you through the step by step process of on-line rechartering:


All unit leaders should have received a letter with their unit’s internet rechartering code. If you are a unit leader and did not receive the code, contact your District Commissioner, Dave Putt at for your code.

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