2019 Scouting for Food

Bags Out: Saturday November 2

Bag Collection: Saturday November 9

Great Lakes Boy Scouts of America
Field Service Council

Commitment To Participate in Scouting For Food 2019
Circle Your Unit Type Pack Troop Crew Post
Your Unit Number __________

Circle Your District

Chippewa Mahican North Star Ottawa
Pon-Man Renaissance Sunrise Sunset
Mark us down to Help Other People!
Our unit plans to participate in the 2019 Scouting For Food effort.
Our Unit Coordinator is:
Name: ______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________
City, Zip: ____________________

 Email Address Telephone: _____________________________
Email address: _________________________
We anticipate approximately _______ adults and youth participating.
Bags requested: _________

Return to: Your District Scouting For Food Chair or Bob DeWar in the GLFSC Office.
Chippewa: East – Willy Trumbull (willyscouts@msn.com, 586-359-7109) or
West – Dave Pranger (djp3@att.net, 586-438-6210)
Mahican: Howard Hammes (hhames21@comcast.net)
North Star: Ethan McClure (emcclure@ameritech.net)
Ottawa: USE Karissa Matson (karissa.matson@scouting.org)
Mark Bentley (mwbentley007@gmail.com
Pon-Man: Rick Newill (rnewill@peoplepc.com)
Renaissance: Gerald Heuer (g.r.heuer@att.net)
Sunrise: Michael Isopi (michael.isopi@gmail.com)
Sunset: USE Richard Mazyck (richard.mazyck@scouting.org

Scouting For Food is the most important community service project the BSA conducts in southeast Michigan. Thank you for helping.

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